Youtube Comes Up With Gaming Service “Youtube Gaming”

Youtube Gaming

It seems that YouTube is all set to compete with one of its rival sites ‘Twitch’. People might be seeing this as a competition between YouTube and Twitch, but there is no doubt that the actual competition is going between the companies by which these different sites are acquired. YouTube is acquired by Google and Twitch by tech giant Amazon. And it is no secret that both Google and Amazon have tough competition in between them.

YouTube Gaming will be live as a website on different devices and as an app on Android and iOS devices. The service was announced in June and is finally launched by Google. YouTube Gaming is the third category specific service to be launched by Google. Previously, Google has launched YouTube Music App, which is currently in its beta testing version and YouTube Kids which was launched in February, this year.

Twitch is currently topping the charts when it comes to the live gaming streams, and YouTube Gaming still has to travel very far to compete even with Twitch. Twitch was launched in 2011 and acquired by Amazon for a whopping $970m in August 2014.

Also, Twitch has got many hardware partnerships in contrast to YouTube. Twitch comes integrated with the Xbox one and PlayStation 4. Although, Youtube has also started to make some moves and shifting mainly its focus to mobile devices. Games are undoubtedly one of the most popular topics on YouTube, and that is why Google announced and launched YouTube Gaming.

Well, let us see how things turn out for YouTube Gaming and whether people start liking this newly launched dedicated service for Gamers by YouTube or not.