Youtube Announces New Subscription Service Format

It is known that YouTube wanted to unveil an ad-free subscription from a very long time. The information is true but the cost and details of this feature are not clear yet.

According to the Recode report, the launch could take place on October 22, 2015. The rate of subscription to this feature could be monthly $10. The feature will remove all the advertisements from YouTube. The present benefits of Google Play Music Unlimited will also be there.

There were rumours for this premium service alternative from many years, especially after the music-oriented streaming subscription, which finally turned into YouTube Music Key.

During the start of this year, the rumours started to become reality when there were reports of YouTube informing the operators of YouTube channel about a modification in the YouTube Partner Program terms of service that depicted the new version of YouTube, which was ad free and required a monthly fee. From June 15, the new terms were effective.

Recode stated that few emails are sent to the channel owners of YouTube, YouTube Partner Program members, asking them to agree to new terms until October 22. If not, their videos that earn money will turn private until the owners accept the new agreement. This does not mean that new alternative will be effective on that very same day or the next day, but there are good chances off this happening.  One-stop subscription will be named as YouTube Red as per the information from

The following are the related quotes from the email:

“As you heard in our previous emails, we want to ensure that fans who choose to pay for an ads-free experience can watch all the same videos that are available on the ads-supported experience. That’s why we’re asking you to update your agreement to reflect the updated terms for the ads-free service”

“To accept, simply log into as “pakafka” from a desktop or laptop and follow the prompts by October 22nd.

“If you haven’t signed by that date, your videos will no longer be available for public display or monetization in the United States. And of course, at any time, you can accept the updated terms which will make your videos public and monetizable again.”

The membership, of course will not hamper with movie rentals, paid channels or any content that requires payment to view. It will just remove ads.  The price of YouTube Music Key and Play Music Unlimited will be pointless if the price is $10 in real. The prices either may be discounted or eliminated wholly.