Wim Hof Featured In The UK’s EU Song Contest Video

Legendary Ice Man Wim Hof is a star extra for Britain’s Eurovision Song Contest hopeful James Newman.

Hof appears in the video for the song My Last Breath.

The Ice Man is famous for his prowess at surviving for long periods in extreme temperatures and the creation of the Wim Hof Method.

He set Guinness world records for swimming under ice and having prolonged bodily contact with ice and holds the record for running a half-marathon barefoot through ice and snow.

The bearded guru puts his success at record breaking down to controlling his breathing.

The song is a true story about the rescue of a North Sea diver cut off from his crew and ship.

Newman wrote the song after watching a documentary about the incident.

Right time for me

“It got me thinking about what you would for other people,” he said.

Eurovision is the world’s largest live music show.

Last year’s event was watched by 182 million viewers in 40 different countries.

Newman has decided to take to the stage after years of writing hits for other chart-topping singers and groups.

“Since I was a little kid, I’ve always wanted to be an artist and performer myself. It just feels like the right time to start putting songs out,” he said.

Eurovision past

Newman has a Eurovision past – he the 2017 entry for Ireland, but the song failed to make the cut for the final.

He has also written for top British acts, such as Ed Sheeran, Louis Tomlinson and Little Mix.

Eurovision has been on the TV for 63 years. Despite hardly scoring any points since 1997, British acts have won five contests. That year, girl rockers Katrina and The Waves took first place with Love Shine A Light with 227 points.

The runner-up, Ireland’s Marc Roberts scored 157 points with Mysterious Woman.

Newman won the single of the year Brit Award in 2014 for Waiting All Night by Rudimental.

My Last Breath – Britain’s Eurovision 2020 entry