Who Is The Body Coach Joe Wicks?

Body coach Joe Wicks has taken the world by storm with millions of bored fitness fanatics tuning into his online exercise videos.

In just a week, his web site traffic has surged from a few hundred hits to more than 17 million views.

And not only is he a fitness guru, but his book Lean In 15 – 15-Minute Meals was a 2015 bestseller, with fans snapping up nearly a million copies.

But his P.E. With Joe YouTube videos to try to keep children active during the coronavirus lockdown has been picked up all over the world.

Joe, 34, from Epsom, Surrey, is married to model Rosie Jones. They have two children, a daughter Indie and son Marley.

Burgers are OK

Wicks started as a teaching assistant after completing a sports science degree, but switched to working as a personal trainer for some years.

His recent career took off after he appeared on daytime TV in the UK.

His online career started in 2014 when Wicks started to post regular short fitness videos on social media. His YouTube channel The Body Coach TV, has 1.93 million subscribers.

“I started the Body Coach TV with a goal to offer free home workouts to everyone, no matter what their fitness levels. It’s taken me a long time to grow it but it now has over 250+ free workouts and reaches millions of people all over the world,” said Wicks.

Wicks is renowned for taking a common sense approach to fitness.

“The odd burger is OK,” he says. “You can be fit and healthy and still have fun.”

He reckons his fitness plan will get anyone into shape in 90 days, as long as they follow his regimen.

Keeping fit with Joe Wicks

Source: YouTube