Weeds Put A Stop To TV Speed Freak’s Pedalo Record

British TV’s speed freak Guy Martin was outpaced by a duck when he took to the water to attempt to break the world speed record for a pedalo over 100 metres.

Spectators joked Martin was paddling so slowly that the duck floated past his muscle powered hydrofoil during a practice session at Brayford Pool, Lincoln.

After his disappointing showing, the record attempt was cancelled due to too much weed on the surface of the pool.

“Everyone tried their best to clear the weed, but unfortunately too much fouled the hydrofoil today due to the recent hot weather,” said a spokesman for the organisers, Lincoln BIG.

Martin is well-known for his whacky world record stunts filmed for TV.

Odd world speed records

He holds the world record for the fastest rider on a Wall of Death, reaching 78 mph on his motorcycle.

Also under his belt are the quickest descent on a gravity-powered snow sled, reaching more than 83 mph and the fastest motor-less vehicle – a wooden go-kart – which raced downhill at almost 86 mph at Mont Venoux, France.

Martin is not the only sports personality to attempt odd world records.

Australian Olympic hurdler Sally Pearson missed out on a medal but managed to snatch the title for the world’s fastest 100m egg and spoon race, clocking 16.59 seconds without touching or dropping her egg on the track.

Running a half marathon with a pushchair

Professional footballers have also come nowhere near the top in attempting the ‘keepy uppy’ record of the most touches in 30 seconds before the ball hits the ground.

Dutch wizard with the ball Leon Walraven managed 252 touches, while the women’s record is held by Canadian Chloe Hegland, who totalled 339 touches.

Meanwhile, American Nancy Hubring had to think up some handicap for running a half marathon as if the straight race is not hard enough for most people.

Hubring pushed a toddler around the course in a pushchair, still managing a time of 1 hour 30 minutes and 51 seconds, which is faster than most people could run 13 and a bit miles without the toddler.