Upgrade Dilemma For Users As iPhone 7 Changes Leaked

Apple iPhone users face an upgrade dilemma when the new model is scheduled to hit the stores before the end of the year.

A few design tweaks involving the back of the iPhone 7 mean many of the accessories that go with the current iPhone 6 will not fit the new model.

Apple has not yet released the specification of the new phone, but web sites in Japan and the Asia pacific are leaking images said to be of the new phone.

The photos and spec information are thought to come from factories in China and the Asia pacific, where workers have been encouraged to hand over the information by journalists.

So what are the posted changes?

iPhone upgrade revealed

On the back, the iPhone 7 is expected to have a larger camera lens, maybe with two lenses on some models. The light sensor is also expected to be bigger and the antenna bands around the case are expected to shift.

These changes will give a higher performance camera and better Wi-Fi and reception for the phone.

New information also maintains the earpiece cut out will be enlarged to improve the volume and quality of calls.

The light sensor is also likely to move to a different position on the new model.

Also rumoured is the dumping of the 16GB option and raising the storage capacity to a maximum 256GB.

These are minor improvements to the design – another suggesting the case will shrink by 1mm in depth is also proposed.

This will be accomplished by removing the headphone jack.

Accessories may be useless

Speculation is then only Bluetooth headphones will work with the phone, adding even more cost to users when upgrading to the new model.

They are not a major overhaul but will render many accessories such as cases and screen protectors useless.

Apple has remained stubbornly quiet about the changes, although one official remarked in the Wall Street Journal that new technology ideas will take some time to implement.

At this stage, the company would expect to have pre-production models available detailing the changes. From now on, major design and technology alterations become costly as machines need retooling and the marketing machine needs to change tack.