Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights Welcomes Back Halloween and Alien vs Predator

Hollywood is known to celebrate its most iconic films whenever it gets time to do it; the Halloween Horror Nights is one such event that features the mazes based on the cult scary movies from time to time in the celebrated studio Universal, Hollywood.

Movies such as A Nightmare On the  Elm Street, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Walking Dead are among many others iconic motion pictures dedicated to the genre that gets featured during the event on a regular basis. This year was no exception when the prominent studio decided to revisit some classics in the genre such as Alien Vs Predator and John Carpenter’s cult classic Halloween. The mazes were obviously scarier than the experience of watching the films in theatres and as you walk into the world of these classics, you feel it real and you feel exactly what the characters must have felt. Such events are rare but immensely terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.

Recently, some press personnel had a chance to go through these mazes and however they were still under construction, the experience they provided was no less than the ‘death’ itself. The special credit goes to the creative director John Murdy and as he further discussed with us the immense hard work that went on in making the mazes as real as they could possibly be, we were awestruck. But we don’t want to ruin the experience for you, so go check it out whenever you can when it opens for general public this Friday.

The last time when such event took place was the year 2009 when the studio decided to go through some of the classier horror films that ever got made in the country and it was fantastic, to say the least. Murdy told that whenever someone asks for their best horror movie going experience ever, most people name Halloween. So, it is the perfect time to bring the classic in the form of a realistic maze in order to let the audience experience how scary is it exactly to be living in the world their favourite horror films and that is what gives us the real kick.

While he didn’t talk much about the future intentions , he did gave us a peek into his future plans as he told that he really want to create something with The Exorcist and The Army Of Darkness. However his many dreams had already became a reality, he really wants to do these two as he mentioned them as his ‘one of the scariest movie going experience’.

Along with adapting popular horror classics, he is also famous for his immortal love for the usually forgotten and old horror films. As we caught him saying that our generation is in awe of these newer horror pictures, they need to go sometime back in the time around 50s or 60s and see for themselves what their ancestors were doing in the horror department and that’s why most of the films that he recreates are usually and rightly the forgotten gems of horror.