Trump Presidency Sees US Image Slump Worldwide

US President Donald Trump’s claim his administration has accomplished more in two years than most others was greeted with laughter at the United Nations – and new research shows he has presided over a slump in America’s image overseas.

Despite his boast, opposition to his policies shows a widespread dissatisfaction in his leadership.

The PEW Research Center asked thousands of people in 25 countries about their opinions of Trump’s presidency and if they had confidence in him.

The result was a worldwide 70% gave him a vote of no confidence and overall, his ratings were lower than during the Barack Obama presidency.

Many felt the US did not take the interests of their countries into account when making foreign policy decisions.

Harshest critics

The harshest critics were America’s neighbours.

In Canada, only 25% gave Trump a positive rating and 63% consider the US is doing less than in the past to confront global problems – while a massive 82% feel the US ignores Canada when drafting policies.

In Mexico, Trump scored his lowest ratings, probably due to The Wall and immigration policy. Only 6% expressed confidence in his leadership.

Israel is where Trump gathered the most support, due to his recognition of Jerusalem as the country’s capital against widespread international consternation.

Globally, America’s standing as a superpower appears to be waning. Less than a third see the USA stepping up to play a more important role in world politics than a decade ago. A quarter say the US is less important and 35% believe there has been no change.

Positive views

But the world still sees the US as a better option as the leading world power than China and many countries still hold a positive view of the US.

“A year after global opinion of the United States dropped precipitously, favourable views of the US remain at historic lows in many countries polled,” says the report.

“In addition, more say bilateral relations with the US have worsened, rather than improved, over the past year. Among possible sources of resentment is the widespread perception that the US does not consider the interests of other countries when making foreign policy decisions.

“More generally, relatively few see the US stepping up more to solve international problems.”

How the world views the US

Source: PEW Research Centre