The Top 3 Best Places for an Ice Bath in Koh Tao

Koh Tao, the turtle island, is edged with dazzling beaches, coral reefs, and diverse marine life. It offers an unforgettable experience for travellers who, with the calming weather, get gravitated towards the place. Koh Tao’s beauty surpasses its scenic wonders, giving out many activities to enjoy for your dream holiday.

If you want out of your humdrum routine work for a while, fly to this beautiful island and feel the freshness of the atmosphere blow against you. Then, to top your excitement with a breezy experience, you must take the famous ice bath in Koh Tao and let the refreshing cold water bring peace and rejuvenation to your mind and soul.

What is an Ice Bath?

Ice bath, also known as cold hydrotherapy or cold water immersion (CWI), is mild cryotherapy. While cryotherapy treatments expose people to temperatures below negative 200, Ice baths maintain a 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Therefore, care must be taken of the time duration you immerse yourself in this icy cold water. Experts recommend that an ideal period of taking an ice bath should be between 10-15 minutes.

The first 2 minutes into the ice bath are the hardest since your body temperature shifts quickly, making you feel uncomfortable. However, once you are in it for a while, the numbness in the parts of the body immersed makes it less painful. This experience rings in an exciting feeling that has many benefits for your body and mind.

Benefits of an Ice bath

Here, we’ll discuss the science behind taking the ice bath. Below are some of the few significant benefits of sitting or standing in the ice water.

Boosts up your metabolism and immune system

Who knew that a technique used by many athletes would grow in popularity to the extent that researchers now swear by the benefits of cold water immersion. Cold temperatures are believed to change how your fat cells work. The healthy brown fats which burn off the unhealthy white fats get activated in cold temperatures. This plays a massive role in maintaining your body weight. It aids in pumping out unwanted materials and wastes out of the blood. This process brings out the white blood cells to tear down the bacteria in the system, keeping your immune system under proper check.

Improves blood circulation

The cardiovascular system makes sure to distribute the oxygen and essential nutrients to each cell in the body. It decides the condition of our hearts and well-being in general. Exercising unquestionably improves circulation to steer clear of health hazards; however, cold baths can push the blood to flow even more swiftly. Coldwater rushes the blood through all parts of your body, promoting your overall health.

Reduces muscle soreness

After a day of high-intensity workouts, your muscles are meant to feel sore for the days to come. The pain gets so unbearable that we take anti-inflammatory medication to assist in attaining physical relief. The strenuous run or weight training can tear up the muscle fibres and cause the tissues to swell up. It enables the body to let out the metabolic waste and limit the inflammation in the muscles.

Helps cope up with the stress

CWI (Cold Water Immersion) releases a floodgate of chemicals in the brain that enhances mood by kicking in the “fight or flight” response. This response to stress helps a person cope in the best possible way in a problematic situation. Anxiety and depression cause an increase in the creation of inflammatory cytokines that are further controlled by the cold water immersion.

Improve sports performance

While there seems to be no direct correlation between ice baths and your performance, it does, however, affect the central nervous system, which then helps you sleep better and recover from the post-workout inflammation. This saves you the time of being all rolled up in your bed from the pain, and instead, you can go for a run.

It is also promoted by many famous people, knowing that their busy lives need a dive in the ice to help relieve themselves of the daily wear and tear.

Best Ice Baths in Koh Tao

This palm-fringed island is named after abundant sea turtles that are found on the shores of Koh Tao. It is widely famous for its cheap watercourses. From snorkelling to ice water bathing, Koh tao offers a memory that you will never forget. There’s an abundance of activities that will take up the rest of your vacation in Koh Tao, including ‘Ice Bath’. Listed below are the most well-known places.

1. Wim Hof Method Workshop Koh Tao

Wim Hof Method Koh Tao
Wim Hof Method Koh Tao by Breath Inspired

The Wim Hof Method is a much-needed exercise to reconnect ourselves to the natural world. If you are on to creating a mind-body connection, Wim Hof Method should do the magic. You get to take the ice bath on the beach of Koh Tao with the temperature maintained at about zero degrees Celsius. You can be assured that it gives you the coldest ice bath on the whole island.

It is challenging to set up an ice-cold bath which decreases the likelihood of you coming across a spa with what you most need, an real ice bath at freezing temperature.

This is simply the best way to get a real ice bath in Koh Tao.



Breath Inspired offers a perfect amalgamation of breathwork training and retreats from the most qualified trainers in Koh Tao and many places across Thailand.


Breath Inspired is one of the only places that have the most experienced and certified instructors across Thailand. It provides a deep understanding of the Wim Hof Method, helping you unravel several health benefits. The three pillars of the method must be followed to avail all the essential benefits, and they are

  • Breathing – The WHM breathing technique helps your body tap into your brain and derive information about the ways to regulate your emotional imbalances. The oxygen moving into your lungs changes your biochemistry and helps the autonomic nervous system realise your conscious mind.
  • Cold Exposure – Scientists have backed up that immersing yourself in a cold environment helps with sore muscles, anxiety, inflammation, and physical recovery. Wim says that an ice bath keeps you away from distractions and connects you to the nature that awaits your usage of it.
  • Mind – Your body gets positively affected by the Wim Hof Method, except your brain is what masters the whole process of healing. The entire aim of this method is to establish a healthy balance between physical and mental needs. WIM emphasises the core exercises that strengthen your mental focus and determination.


There are many amenities given a provision at the location. In addition, the workshops are close to various highly-rated hotels. For further information, check out the website to know the various perks of being placed here.

2. Jamahkiri Resort & Spa

Jamahkiri Resort & Spa is a sumptuous place with lavish tropical gardens, cooling pools, and more recreational facilities. While it doesn’t have an ice plunge, you are more than welcome to enjoy the Salinity pool that is kept cool at all times.



It is located in Thian Og Bay on the south side of the island. The resort is around 1 hour 45 minutes away from Koh Samui. There’s a poolside eatery that offers cuisines from all over the world.


This place is a perfect blend of tranquillity and a detailed exclusive structure. Travellers from across the world yearn to stay here for the following retreats.

  • Spa – After your tiring day on the island, Jamahkiri relaxes you and gives you a traditional Thai massage that will tie you with a delightful experience. Your time at the spa will be worth spending since you’ll bid adieu to stress and tension with perfect cleansing of the body with hand-picked ingredients.
  • Diving – Jamahkiri Diving Club will allow you to learn diving from professionals. It is the only Koh Tao dive centre that provides regulators to the divers along with the open heel fins with the boots. Beginners or heavy breathers will be taught special breathing techniques to ensure their long diving experience.


At this beautifully unmatched resort and spa, guests will be received by terrific Deluxe rooms that ensure comfort and a delightful experience. The resort has access to the ocean’s scenic beauty and the great ambience having a traditional Thai touch.

3. View Point Resort

It is an ideal getaway for you to feel at home, away from home. It boasts an array of unending facilities. View Resort has an in-house restaurant that gives you complimentary breakfasts. It has a breathtaking view with a swimming pool that’s kept cool to deliver all the requirements for a cold bath.



It is located at the pinnacle of Chalok Baan Kao, Koh Tao, completely set apart from the city. Being far off from the town, it is still surrounded by all kinds of retreats. This resort helps you build a spiritual relationship with yourself, making you get into a reformative mindset.


The place has a serene ambience and an aura that ingrains your mind with unforgettable comfort.

  • Restaurant – The Cape Restaurant is known for its quality food sent in from organic sources. It ensures the delivery of healthy food that keeps you safe and sound to enjoy the rest of your trip. In addition to the top-notch food service, the taste isn’t compromised at all.
  • Pool – This turquoise pool ensures relaxation that adds comfort alongside a tropical cocktail of your choice. It stays open from 7 am – 7 pm. You can jump into the pool that’s maintained to remain cool to help you let out your worries and strain.
  • Activities – There are a numerous variety of activities that you could take on throughout your stay in Koh Tai. You could try your hands at taking cooking classes, yoga, scuba diving and enjoy the parties


This resort is all you could wish for in your much-awaited trip to this beautiful island. With the weather that’s certain to bring you joy, a private balcony is kept aside for all the rooms. Does the aroma of coffee beans make you feel lively? To top your excitement, you will have the Coffee maker to help you kick-start your day.

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