Top 5 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Music

Undoubtedly Music is an inseparable part of our daily lives; this is the reason our life seems empty in the absence of melodious sounds. To be general, Music is nothing but a series of sounds; but no one can ignore the fact that some creative people among won’t think twice while dedicated a huge portion of their life to music. The interesting fact is that science has proved that music is just not noise because it has quite amazing fact on the body and mind of listeners.

Have a look at the Top 5 scientifically proven health benefits of Music

Cures Insomnia

Provided the fact that most of the people, especially youngsters, plug in their favorite playlist before sleeping; it won’t be hard to believe that music helps people with sleeping issues. Try listening slow, soft or romantic songs at night and you will sleep better and for longer hours, because music helps in lowering heart and respiratory rate.

Weight Loss

It may sound weird at first, but those who always have earphone plugged in while jogging will understand the connection between exercise and music. Only the habit of listening to the right type of music can help in keeping the calorie level down and hence boosts up the weight loss process. Moreover, put on some soft music while having food and you will actually eat less and enjoy more.

Pain Reduction

It is proved by the researchers that if a person actively listens to his favorite type of music, then he can actually reduce the acute pain. It is worth mentionable that the pathways that process pain and music in the brain are same. Thus, the emotional response created by music can actually help in reducing the pain.

Improved Immunity

Music also helps in improving the immune system and hence keeping you healthy overall. The reason behind this is the production of immunoglobulin A while enjoying music which helps in killing germs and bacteria. Music is beneficial to the patients who are in the recovering phase from a stroke.

Stress Reduction

Last but not the least, music keeps stress at an arm’s length. Music effects stress drastically because of its ability to control cortisol levels; the hormone released while someone is stressed. It is also proved that music helps in sharpening the brain because those persons who took music lessons at a young age showed positive-effect on brain power. Playing a musical instrument can also help people cope up with depression. Some doctors even suggest music therapy to the patients dealing with stress and depression because music helps in improving self-esteem at a faster rate.