Top 5 Must Watch Movies Of Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage Movies

Richard Armitage is a name, known to all movie lovers, but his acting skills make it tough to select a few good movies while going through the fangirling moment. Here, are the selected best 5 movies of Richard Armitage to quench the thirst of Richard Armitage Fans.

The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

  • Year of Release – 2014
  • Director – Peter Jackson
  • Star Cast – Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch

This movie revolves around the journey to recover lost treasure that is guarded by the dragon Smaug, at the Lonely Mountain. Gandalf (Ian) decides to take Bilbo (Martin) along with his group in the role of a burglar. On their journey, the group passes through a number of hurdles and conduct what came to be known as The Battle of Five Armies. It’s a movie full of action, and the ups and downs which the group takes into quest the hidden treasure.

The Crucible

  • Year of Release – 2014
  • Director –Yael Farber
  • Star Cast – Richard Armitage, Harry Attwell, Samantha Colley

This movie is based on a classic American drama which was originally written by Arthur Miller. This movie revolves around  a small tight-knit community where personal grievances collide with lust and superstition. It vividly attacks the evils of mindless persecution and, the terrifying power of false accusations.

In The Storm

  • Year of Release – 2014
  • Director – Steven Quale
  • Star Cast – Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh

This movie revolves around the town of Silverton and its residents, who lie on the verge of distraught courtesy Mother Nature. In a span of just a few hours, there is an onslaught of powerful tornadoes, which hits the town of Silverton and the Storm trackers claim that the worst is yet to come. On one hand, the terrified residents seek shelter while the professionals run towards the danger to get a lifetime experience, and, a once-in-a-lifetime shot.

Captain America: The First Avenger

  • Year of release – 2011
  • Director – Joe Johnston
  • Star Cast – Chris Evans, Richard Armitage, Hayley Atwell

The movie revolves in the era of Nineteen’s (1941). Steve Rogers wants to be a part of America’s National Armed Forces but, is rejected due to his small stature. However, he gets lucky through an experimental program which turns him into Captain America (a super-soldier). Then, he along with Bucky Barnes and, Peggy Carter fights against an organization named HYDRA; which is operated and maintained by the Nazis.


  • Year of Release – 2005
  • Director – Juliet McKoen
  • Star Cast – Shirley Henderson, Ger Ryan, Richard Armitage, Karl Johnson

The movie is one of those movies which leaves the viewer in a fix like a psychological thriller,  ghost story or murder story till the very end. The story revolves around two sisters: Kath and Annie. Annie goes missing for 2 consecutive years, Kath is often haunted by Annie’s disappearance and thus she keeps investigating herself. A strange CCTV footage lets Kath lose her grip on the reality, and she is stunned on seeing the appearances of Annie in an otherworldly landscape which actually is the estuary of the river Wyre in Morecambe Bay.