Theme Song For The Latest Bond Flick ‘Spectre’ Released

James Bond has been spying on people, killing some, seducing some of the most beautiful women on the planet for many decades now and one thing that is very eagerly awaited other than the Bond film every 3 or 4 years, is the soundtrack. The music for the Bond is generally original for the most part and while the films leave no stones unturned in making the audiences drooling for more, the music finishes the job of killing them, I mean figuratively. Previous James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ had the amazing musician Adele doing the theme song for the movie which ultimately got an academy award and as the latest instalment in the franchise is just around the corner, the music remained a mystery and now it has been revealed that Sam Smith has done the music for the film and the theme song is titled ‘Writing’s on the wall’.

The upcoming 007 movie titled ‘Spectre’ will have the British crooner Sam Smith doing the music and the song sounds nothing less than spectacular. Now as the song is out there, people wait for the film with fingers crossed to see whether it performs well according to the sky rocket expectations or falls flat!

The track is now available to download and stream and co-written by Smith and songwriter Jimmy Napes (Smith’s Grammy-winning ‘Stay With Me’). It follows recent Bond themes composed by Adele (‘Skyfall’s’ Oscar-winning track of the same name), Jack White and Alicia Keys (‘Another Way to Die’ from ‘Quantum of Solace’) and Chris Cornell (‘You Know My Name’ fromCasino Royale’).

Smith, 23, said recently in the interview that he is a huge Bond fan and especially the theme songs are close to his heart and when he was told that he has to compose the theme song for the new Bond film, he felt outraged. He told that he and his partner wrote the song in less than half an hour and recorded a demo for the song right after writing it. He further said that he wanted to bring a sensible touch to the music and for that he had to put himself in the shoes of Bond to further understand the sensibilities of the movie and the song, the same sensibility with which he did his debut music album ‘In the Lonely Hour’ which got released just last year with an extremely well critical and commercial reception.

“My music is a diary and it’s a recap of my life, and I wanted to bring that kind of honesty,” Smith says. “In the lyrics — ‘How do I live, how do I breathe?  When you’re not here I’m suffocating’ — I wanted a touch of vulnerability from Bond, where you see into his heart a little bit.”

However the response so far has been quite uneven as some liked it while others rejected it saying it is ‘too emotional’ to be featured in a Bond film.