“The Perfect Guy” Enjoying The Perfect Opening Weekend

Horror may be one of the most favourite genres when it comes to Hollywood makers, but does it ever beat ‘thrillers’? Well, quite a big deal it is. Recently released thriller, “The Perfect Guy” has been outdoing the horror “The Visit”, somehow with a very narrow margin. ‘The Visit’ is directed by M. Night. Shyamalan who has been not in a good shape for quite some time now, but the release of his latest flick is expected to clear the dirt from his name to some degree as it got appreciated by the reviewers and the audiences alike. “The Visit” ended up on the first place on the box office until “The Perfect Guy” came along and snatched away the top spot by picking up about 26.7 Million USD at the weekend box office.

M.Night Shyamalan rose to fame with his intense horror flick, the Bruce Willis starrer “The Sixth Sense”. However, he lost his charm after that and constantly churned out some average films, sticking to the genre. But this time around, he seems to have returned to his form as his latest film is being very well received. With a good 25.7 Million USD, it is not very far behind from the “The Perfect Guy”.

“The Perfect Guy” got made with a budget of 12 Million Dollars has already entered in a comfortable space. It is a story of a very successful lobbyist who rebounds from a bad breakup. The film was backed by Sony’s ScreenGem’s Division. The film is a commercial and critical success and is expected to earn more in the upcoming days. The studio enjoyed similar success last year with another thriller “No Good Deed” which raked in about 24 Millions in the opening weekend. Déjà vu eh!

A leading manager at the Sony said that this, we thought, was the ideal time for our film to go out there as the competition was minimal and thus it will enable them to spend less on marketing. In order to bring in more earnings, the studio specifically targeted Afro- American audiences which also gave way to some cost cutting as well. He further added that they promoted the flick as a very sexy thriller which is the hottest genre around in the present times.

Both, “The Visit” and “The Perfect Guy” were targeted towards a different set of audiences, thus the clash didn’t hurt them much after all. Shyamalan’s flick was targeted towards the younger members of the audiences while the latter one catered especially to the African American population.

The Indian origin director, Shyamalan is expecting quite a lot from his audiences as it can be the comeback he has been waiting for more than a decade. We wish goodluck to both of them and may the best among them win the number game.