Terry Kinney Will Turn Indie Rockers ‘Other Lives’ into Next Wave Artists

Director, Terry Kinney, is going to turn the rock band ‘Other Lives’ performance into a theater work for Next Wave Festival, a program of the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Kinney said, “We wanted to work with a band that should be, but perhaps isn’t, a household name yet. We wanted to create a large palette for them to work with, where they might otherwise be used to smaller venues. This is a band with a lush, evocative, full sound; their music is full of theater. Each of them plays multiple instruments and they loop together layers in a way that feels orchestral. Their music can build to a huge swell, or be as intimate as a voice and a piano. Other Lives created pictures in my head—we are simply trying to create those for our audience.”

Terry Kinney, co-founder of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, with Gary Sinise and Jeff Perry. He is best known for his role as Emerald City creator Tim McManus on HBO’s prison drama OZ.

Kinney started the theatre in 1974. Kinney had said regarding the theatre, “We’ve always been more influenced by cinematic techniques than stage techniques because stage techniques have been around long enough to become really boring and cliché. Our earliest influences were the films of Cassavetes, not any plays we’d seen.

We always tend to score our pieces and we always tend to manipulate the audience to look where we want them to look and the way to do that is to get very tight on certain situations.” He has also performed in several plays. He performed in “Balm in Gilead”, an award-winning play by Lanford Wilson. In 1996 Kinney played Tilden in the Sam Shepard play Buried Child directed by Gary Sinise in New York City.

Other Lives originally formed in 2004 as Kunek and released one album in 2006 under that name. TBD records released Others Lives’ self-titled album on April 7, 2009. Other Lives current members are Jesse Tabish (piano, guitar, lead vocals), Jonathon Mooney (piano, violin, guitar, percussion, trumpet), Onstott Josh (bass, keys, percussion, guitar, backing vocals), Daniel Hart, and Danny Reisch. They are going to perform from their most recent album, “Rituals,” along with some previous releases.

According to BAM, Kinney will craft an audio-visual narrative inspired by the band’s cinematic music. Other Lives will have its world premiere on October 9 and 10 at BAM’s Howard Gilman Opera House.