Terror Alert As Bomb Factory Is Raided

The British government has repeated warnings to expats and tourists about the risks of terror attacks in Bahrain.

The Gulf state has suffered regular political protests and attacks on security forces.

Now, the government has reported finding a massive cache of explosives for bomb making and a store of weapons.

Police say 1.4 tonnes of explosives were recovered from an underground vault in the capital Manama, together with rifles and grenades.

Several people were arrested in connection with the haul.

Police added the explosives and weapons were found in a series of bunkers connected to a bomb-making factory.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has repeatedly warned expats and travellers to be on alert in Bahrain and to avoid demonstrations which can turn violent.

Aid worker shot dead

Westerners are on alert in Bangladesh after the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the shooting of an Italian aid worker was murdered in a street attack.

International schools were closed and embassies limited the movements of diplomats after the incident.

The British and US governments are warning of an escalating threat from terror attacks on westerners in the country.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has warned that reliable information suggests more attacks are planned.

Hurricane threat

Ferocious winds are threatening the Caribbean and east cost of the USA as Hurricane Joacquin gathers force.

Forecasters say the winds in the eye of the storm are passing over The Bahamas on the way to the USA and the force of the storm is increasing.

Wind speeds of 125 mph have been recorded already.

Experts say that the storm could reach 140 mph, which means Joacquin will upgrade to a hurricane as the force of the storm becomes catastrophic for property.

Joacquin will affect states along the US eastern seaboard from North and South Carolina, through Virginia and as far north as New York and Connecticut.

Travellers are warned high seas, wind and rain will disrupt road, rail and air trips.