Tennis Star Goes Back For More After Blind Date With Fan

Tennis star and swimsuit model Eugenie Bouchard has kept her promise to go on a blind date with a suitor on Twitter – and enjoyed herself so much they are going out again.

Canadian Bouchard pledged to go on a date with student John Goehrke, 20, if his favourite new England patriots won the Super Bowl ahead of her pick the Atlanta Falcons.

The Patriots hung on to mount the most spectacular revival in Super Bowl history to win the title.

Bouchard, 22, kept to her word and went out with Goehrke, treating him to courtside seats when New York basketball team the Brooklyn Nets played the Milwaukee Bucks.

She posted several selfies of the couple enjoying their night out.

“I want to honor my word and stay true to it, so went on that date,” she said.

Bets are off

Apparently, Goehrke rode his luck and ask Bouchard for a second date, to which she readily agreed.

Although she Tweeted: “I’m not making any bets against him tonight.”

And what did Goehrke say about Bouchard?

“It was cool and the best date ever,” he cooed.

Bouchard is not the first good sport to go on a date with a fan.

  • Film star Nicholas Cage met fan and future wife Alice Kim when she served him at a restaurant while working as a waitress.
  • Matt Damon met wife Luciana Barruso when she saw off a group of autograph hunters chasing him in Miami.
  • Cheers and Frasier star Kelsey Grammar dated his wife Katye Wash after meeting her on a plane when she was working as a flight attendant.

How to date a star

Like Bouchard, many stars meet their admirers through banter on social media sites – and Twitter seems to be a favourite.

Disney star Jake T Austin, 21, is dating his online stalker of six years Danielle Caesar, 22.

He has recently loaded a selfie of the couple kissing to his Instagram account.

“I’m crazy for her,” he said.

Caesar unrelentingly pursued Austin for years both online and by turning up to events where he was due to be, finally meeting him at an autograph signing.