Taylor Swift Becomes The Most Followed Person on Instagram

Instagram, the photo sharing online platform has become the third most important source, after Facebook and Twitter for celebrities to be in constant touch with their ardent fans who are just extremely interested in knowing what their favourite celebrities are actually up to.

In recent news, it was confirmed officially that the singer Taylor Swift has become the most followed celebrity on the photo sharing social networking website Instagram, leaving Kim Kardashian behind. The singer now has a huge follower-base of about 45.6 million on Instagram which is an achievement in itself. Kim Kardashian West was previously the most famous insta-celebrity owing to the sensational and bold pictures she posted.

Kim earlier gained the top spot in the race when she beat Beyoncé at it as she reached the milestone of 45 million followers just 5 days ago. However, we can’t surely say that this signifies that one is better than another, but it actually is a very clear indication of the growing fan base of the famed artist. For Kim, the last one million followers were added just in the short span of around 10 days but it seems to keep growing and we can certainly assume that in the near future, Kim gets back at the top.

The controversial image of Kim was further concreted by her as she thanked her supporters to help her achieve the milestone of a whopping 45 million followers by posting the pictures of her cleavage and she added a caption to the post while tanking her loyal fan base for the immense support. However, Taylor Swift has yet to give out an official thank you note for her fans, but we can assume that it will be happening quite shortly as the celeb is quite active on the website.

The good times are rolling for Swift on the professional front as well as she very recently grabbed four MTV music awards and her upcoming world tour is already a success as the tickets are being booked with an insane level of excitement from the music lovers.

And cherry on top, Taylor Swift and her beau Calvin Harris has been named as the highest paid celebrity couple by the famous Forbes magazine. The singer and her DJ boyfriend have dethroned Jay Z and Beyoncé to get to the top spot as they are presently raking in around 146 million dollars per year.