Strong Performance Against Reds Will Help Arsenal

When a team with the stature of Arsenal starts their Premier League campaign with a loss at home against West Ham, most will consider that to be a disappointing moment for the club. The league followers would know that in recent years, Arsenal has not had much of a spectacular opening game(s) in the English Premier League.

Arsenal have been poor starters in the Premier League

Let me take you back to season 2011-12, the Gunners failed to register a single victory in August and not to forget the 8-2 thumping at the hands of Manchester United. The next season saw a goal-less Arsenal early in the league. While the season 2013-14, during which the Gunners maintained the top spot for over 100 days, they began with another loss at home at the hands of Aston Villa.

The previous season the Gunners began with an away win at Palace but followed it up with two disappointing draws against Everton and Leicester City.

Looking at these performances from the past, it is no surprise that the Gunners have not been able to kick-start their campaign this season either.

Arsene Wenger demands strong performance against Liverpool

The Gunners did respond with a lot of confidence at the Selhurst Park last week and with another plenty of missed opportunities at scoring. The pundits and fans that once praised the Arsenal team of having begun their training early and defeating the Premier League Champions Chelsea in the Community Shield are now criticizing the Gunners for their lack of performance.

In light of such heavy criticism and the need to bounce back, the Gunners manager Arsene Wenger has urged his team to respond strongly against their top-four rival Liverpool when they visit Emirates Stadium on Monday night. Speaking to the reporters, the manager said, “If you want to have a successful season you want to be strong at home. Normally we are strong at home. This is an opportunity to show that.”

The result of the game would be crucial for both sides, however it is not likely to decide the title chance but certainly it would be reassuring to the fans to keep the hopes alive for a good season.