Stephen Colbert Takes on Trump on His “Late Show” Debut  

Donald Trump got mentioned on the Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” just minutes after the episode got aired. However, this was not a big surprise as the popular host mentioned playfully a month ago that he is hoping for certain people to remain in the race to be the president until September 8. He kept his promise as he provided the audiences some witty lines about the contender for the presidency as he also mentioned that he would really love to do some jokes on Donald Trump.

Colbert began bashing Trump by saying: “Can we talk about the election for a second? I know, as the late show host, I have some huge responsibilities. I assure you, like our beloved media, I will be covering all the presidential campaigns who are Donald Trump.”

During the show, Colbert reminded the audience that the billionaire has gained a very strong support on Nabisco which, according to the candidate, has moved its Oreo plant to Mexico. With Mr. Trump proclaiming that he will never ever eat an Oreo ever again on the video taken from one of his rallies, the show host was seen eating an Oreo. The sense of humour eh!

Stephen said that if Trump was to be believed, then Mexico is a dangerous enemy to United States’s economy and will rip it in two halves; something should be done promptly in order to avoid such conflict. The host then pulls apart an Oreo as he spoke the “two halves” line. He further continued by saying that, “They are taking out the creamy centre and after that they are dunking it in milk! Oh god, I have lost the tracks of my metaphors here”, he said while polishing off the cookie and further added, “Lets say that the milk is China.”

Praising Trump’s Oreo stand, Stephen playfully said that this has put other contender’s positions in danger as this is a masterstroke played by Mr. Trump. After that he said that one gag about Trump was more than enough for the night. And then he says, “maybe one more”, as he got himself to have many Oreos back to back as some videos from the Donald Trump moments were put on air. In one of those clips a woman comes on stage to tug his hair and said, “See, what’s on top of his head is actually his”, Colbert said while stuffing another Oreo into his mouth.