Sherri Shepherd Accused of Abandoning Her Baby, Left Surrogate to Pay Son’s Bills

Sherri Shepherd broke it off with her husband five months ago, but it seems like controversies aren’t yet ready to leave her alone. Things went nasty between her and her ex-husband Lamar Sally which then lead to a bitter divorce, making her the favourite child of controversies. The latest development in her case is regarding the surrogate mother of their child who has decided to speak out, and it doesn’t seem pretty. Jessica Bartholomew, the said surrogate mother has accused the popular prime time host Sherri of abandoning the child and that all the medical expenses of the baby have fallen on her.

Speaking bitterly for a magazine, Jessica seemed pretty much pissed off as she said that she will never do this again in her life. She didn’t expect this lousy behaviour from Sherri which has led her to stop believing in the concept of ‘surrogacy’ which she earlier deemed as ‘beautiful’. She added that Sherri’s attitude towards the issue has broken her emotionally and financially and she will never ever think of go through this again. She said that she trusted her and it is very surprising how people can change overtime.

Lamar and Sherri opted for surrogacy using his sperm and an egg donor, but they shared bitter relations even before the baby was born. The surrogate mother didn’t have any idea that this bitterness in their relations will end up in a divorce so she decided to go through the childbirth. The baby turned out to be a huge issue and the couple went in to an intense legal face off in order to decide about the custody of yet to be born baby. Sherri didn’t want to take the responsibility of the child and that’s why she wanted a way out of this mess.

Jessica further said that Sherri couldn’t have a baby by traditional methods thus the couple opted for surrogacy and more so, she wanted to help the troubled couple and it was supposed to be a beautiful thing but it turns out to be a nightmare. She said that she had no idea that Sherri was going through this to save her marriage and if she had known it beforehand, she would never have agreed to do it.

With time, the issue got worse, as the child, who just turned 1, is being brought up by his dad and when his financial situation worsened, he refused to pay for the child support. His refusal left only Jessica, who then had to pay on her own.

Jessica added that Sherri knew very well that being a waitress, I don’t earn too much and she was the one who approached me to be the surrogate mother of her child and now, the way she is reacting, it all seems like a financial and emotional nightmare to her and she repeated again- “I will never go through this ever again.”