Seth Rogen and James Franco Working to Raise Funds for Alzheimer Disease

Doing their moral duties, Hollywood stars can be seen time to time taking out some time for their charity endeavours. This has become a norm in the Hollywood with celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie leading the charge. Other than these two biggies there are many small and big time actors who, from time to time, show their philanthropist side to the world. The latest to join the pack are Hollywood buddies James Franco and Seth Rogen as they are in the news quite recently for their charitable deeds.

Known for his comedy movies such as ‘The Interview’, Seth Rogen has decided to do some serious charity work as he is to hold a fundraiser for Hilarity for Charity along with his ‘The Interview’ co-star and best friend off-screen, James Franco. Both the actors are quite famous for their on-screen and off-screen chemistry which they have showed off on many occasions.

Created by the 33-year-old ‘Neighbours’ star and Lauren Miller Rogen, Hilarity for Charity is a movement to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease among millennials, reported The Wrap. The disease is slowly becoming an epidemic as it is spreading across the globe which needs to be stopped immediately. It is quite nice to see movie stars taking out some time from their busy schedules for such endeavours.

Seth and Franco both seem extremely excited to be collaborating with Hilarity for Charity for this genuine purpose and are hoping that they could raise enough funds in order to further enhance the research and treatment programmes related to the disease. In a partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association, HFC helps families struggling with Alzheimer’s care, increases support groups and funds new research.

The fundraising will be working on a platform in which the fans can enter in a contest with the donation of 10 USD to attend James Franco’s ‘bar mitzvah’ where Seth Rogen will come ahead as the VIP guest on October 17. Other than obviously getting one in a million chance of talking face to face with Rogen and Franco, the winners will also be getting some cool t-shirts and a chance to have dinner with Rogen.

The contest will run through October 10 in partnership with Omaze, a crowdsourcing-based fundraising platform and is expected to be a sure shot hit among the general public as two of their favourite stars are attached to it and furthermore, a chance to have dinner with Seth Rogen, one of the most funniest people on the planet. Now, who wouldn’t want that right?

However, philanthropy is not a new concept for Rogen as he has been known to be unknowingly attached to many NGOs. Previously, Rogen offered himself as a date to a prom-themed variety show featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Sarah Silverman, Craig Robinson among others.

Both Rogen and Franco have starred together in many successful comic hits such as ‘The Pineapple Express’ and ‘This is the End’.