Selfie Spoon Review : The Trend of Take Selfies While Eating

People are literally awe-struck by the Selfie fever. Up Selfie, down Selfie, Mirror Selfie, car Selfie, school Selfie, what is left? Eating Selfie! I am sure you have always wanted to click a breakfast eating Selfie. The brand, General Mills now has solved this problem of choosing between eating breakfast and posting a Selfie. Why do one thing, when you could do the both at the same time?

According to TIME reports, Cinnamon Toast Crunch has introduced A ‘Selfie Spoon’. It is Selfie stick attached with a spoon, which is capable to extend up to 30 inches so that we can take selfies while eating our breakfast cereal.

Using Selfie Spoon is as easy as a usual Selfie stick, all you have to do is to turn your smartphone’s Bluetooth on, and the white coloured remote will be recognized. A grey button will be there takes photos on android and iOS devices.

Benefits of Selfie Spoon:

  1. Don’t have to prove or justify your luxurious breakfast, you can just post a Selfie while eating it: Does it ever happened that you post a perfect picture of your healthy breakfast and your friends refuse to believe that you are eating it? You do not have to listen to their accuses anymore, get a Selfie spoon and post your Selfie while eating it.
  2. You can capture all your foodie moments in an awesome way: For foodies, people do not matter in their Selfie, only food does. The Selfie spoon is just made for these kind of people, who love food more than people.Hold the memories of you, eating your favourite meal forever.
  3. Correct your eating habits using Selfie Spoon: If you are conscious about your eating habits then you need to practise using Selfie Spoon. Put it on record mode and watch yourself eating. Observe, notice and take measures to improve what you think is making you look bad while eating.
  4. You get a new Hashtag: To post a Selfie with Selfie spoon, you have to use #selfiespoon and nothing can stop your followers list to rise like an edifice.
  5. To take Selfies, You do not have to wait for the dinner to get over: Enjoy the meals and take gorgeous Selfies right away. You could take Selfie with every meal, be it Pizza, Pasta, Chicken kabab- Whatever you want!

Are you fascinated by this new invention? Then get it right away and that too for free. All you have to pay is for shipping.