Royalty out for Bond Premiere

The premiere of the latest instalment of the James Bond series, Spectre, saw William, Kate and Harry attend alongside a host of stars in London.

Sam Mendes, the film’s director greeted the royal attendees on the red carpet, ahead of one of the most highly anticipated Bond movies in recent memory – widely expected to be Daniel Craig’s last.

“It’s changed my life and I’ve loved every second of it,” announced Craig before the screening, also claiming that he hates watching himself on the big screen.

Mendes also directed Skyfall, and he said he was delighted that audiences around the world would simultaneously be watching the movie at the same time as the premiere in London. Usually, a premiere takes place at least a few weeks in advance of a wider release, but the 007 approach has always been to push things a step forward.

The James Bond franchise has retained its enduring popularity due to its ability to consistently reinvent itself and Mendes, who has also directed hits such as the stunning American Beauty and Road to Perdition, has been responsible for taking the series a step further again, keeping it as fresh as ever even after 24 films.

Bond Themes

Outside in Leicester Square, a huge PA system pumped out all the greatest Bond themes, and a few not so great ones like the Sam Smith effort for Spectre, and crowds gathered to try to get a picture with Daniel Craig. He, as always, was most accommodating and spent almost an hour posing for selfies and signing autographs.

The latest film has been well-received, and sees the inimitable Christopher Waltz appear as Bond’s nemesis Franz Oberhauser, in a storyline that covers the fact that we are all being watched by 24-hour surveillance.

Other stars that attended were, Martin Freeman, Dame Shurley Basset and Joan Collins.

The Next Bond

Whether or not Craig steps down as Bond now remains to be seen, but many movie fans have got behind Idris Elba to be the next 007, which would be the first time a black actor takes up the role. One thing which does look set to be confirmed shortly, is that Sam Mendes will resume Director duties for Bond number 25.