Robert De Niro Storms Out In The Middle of An Interview

One of the most reputed Hollywood seasoned actors Robert De Niro isn’t exactly the hot head types and is usually known to handle the criticism and negative commentary quite well.

However, he is not known to be quite a lively interviewee but he hasn’t shown his angry side to media as far as our memory goes. But when the news came out that he stormed out of a recent interview, we had quite a hard time believing that. “I’m not doing this, darling,” the actor said, according to Radio Times reporter Emma Brockes, after taking offense to comments about going on “autopilot” and the high number of bankers in Tribeca.

During his recent promotional tour for ‘The Intern’, he reportedly got serious with a British journalist who annoyed him. Everything was going almost right when the reporter hit some wrong buttons which somehow got the star angry. However, some sources are saying that the actor was already a bit upset even before the interview commenced.

The reporter asked the ‘Raging Bull’ star about how he missed and resists the temptation of being in an ‘Autopilot’ mode on sets, which didn’t sit well with him as it frustrated him quite a bit. The reporter should have gotten the clue just then and there but she didn’t, sadly. As she went further with the interview she asked about New York’s Tribeca district having been taken over by bankers. Now that was the end of it as the star was extremely pissed by that moment and he asked her to pause the tape recorder.

There are times when the media does annoy the celebrities. Almost all the biggest celebrities have gone through the phase. Most notably, Kanye West, the rapper. But most of them don’t show very aggressive behaviour as they have a certain image to maintain in public and then there are millions of kids idolising them and thus the irresponsible behaviour is usually kept under control. But seeing a seasoned iconic actor De Niro getting involved in such things, well, what can we say!

“He then pops up out of his chair, starts pacing madly and says he’s cutting short the interview because of ‘negative interference’ of what I just said,” Brockes wrote.

When questioned about the source of this “negative inference,” De Niro reportedly said: “All the way through. Negative inference. The whole way through, and I’m not doing it, darling. You’re not probably not even aware that you’re doing it, the negative inference.”

Earlier, when actor’s co-star in ‘The Intern’, Anne Hathaway was questioned about the experience of working with a great actor such as De Niro, she started crying in the middle of a roundtable discussion. She responded while looking extremely baffled.

The Intern’ is written and directed by Nancy Meyers. Warner Bros. is releasing the movie in U.S. theaters on Friday.