Robbie Kay Celebrates His 20th Birthday on September 13

Robert Andrew “Robbie” Kay or Robbie Kay as many call him was born in Lymington, Hampshire, England, UK on September 13, 1995 to Ivan and Stephanie Kay. Has two older sisters Camilla and Fiona. He has a deathly fear of heights and roller-coasters and, is a left hander. He studied acting, singing and dancing for a year at England’s Stagecoach Theatre School.

Kay’s family moved to the Czech Republic where he saw a note for English-speaking children to be extras in a film on a school noticeboard. Despite a lack of previous acting experience, this led to him getting a speaking part in The Illusionist along with Edward Norton, but his scenes were eventually cut from the film. After small roles in Hannibal Rising and My Boy Jack, a Canadian production company asked him to play the part of Young Jakob which involved a 9-week shooting schedule, three of which were on Greek islands.

The people who made Fugitive Pieces had auditioned over 150 boys before finding the then 10-year-old Robbie Kay who had been living in Prague for two years. He appeared in a miniseries adaptation of Pinocchio, playing the title character. Robbie also played the younger version of Ralph Fiennes Harry in In Bruges but his scenes did not make it into the movie but can be seen in the deleted scenes section of the DVD.

After finishing Pinocchio he was seen in Ways To Live Forever in late 2010 as Sam, a boy diagnosed with leukemia. Then he became a part of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, playing the role of a Cabin boy. He wasn’t a great fan of Once Upon a Time until he got casted in the role of Peter Pan in its third season. This year in March 2015, Kay had been cast as a high school teenager named Tommy in the upcoming TV miniseries Heroes Reborn.

Despite the fact that Robbie has just begun his career, he has got himself nominated thrice under different categories for his roles in Fugitive Pieces (2007), Once Upon a Time and, also for Pinocchio.