Road Rage Attack on Channel Ten Reporter Trent Dann

In north-west Melbourne’s, a Channel Ten reporter riding a motorbike all of a sudden faced a road rage attack. Police are in hunt of that man.

On July 23 at about 2.45 pm, just a meters from his home, a driver of a silver BMW 318i sedan reversed into TV reporter Trent Dann when he was riding his bike on the Silverdale Crescent in Sydenham.

Police said that the driver approached and threatened the rider as Mr. Dann got on his feet. A police had done the artist’s sketch of the two suspects.

While the driver was returning to his car, Mr. Dann said he ran away, believing that his assailant had a gun or a knife to harm him.

He said, “I literally thought I was going to die. I was in panic mode and just wanted to get away”.

As per the information given by Police, the driver then tried to steal the red Ducati which, has been left by the motorbike rider on the road.

As said by the Police, “The car had no registration plates displayed and possibly had a defect notice attached to the window”.

The driver appears to be 23 years old and of about 175cm tall. He had a strong build, a receding hairline and full lips. Woman in the car is described as having a piercings in her left ear, about a shoulder-length hair, she had brown hair and decaying teeth.

If anyone with the above mentioned suspect information, Please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or via