Reese Witherspoon Working Towards Women Empowerment In Hollywood

The blonde beauty of Hollywood, Reese Witherspoon needs no introduction as she has made her way into the list of the most famous Hollywood celebrities overtime owing to her image as a very talented actress, producer and a lifestyle guru. She has been working in the field of ‘women empowerment’ for quite sometime now as she feels that the women in the industry don’t get as much salary and recognition as their male counterparts. She has many things to speak for women and about her applause-worthy efforts to take the cause further in the glamour industry and beyond that.

The Oscar-winning actress recently spoke a lot about so many things in the 10th anniversary “Power Issue” of Women’s Health, a few among them were the ambitions and the motivations behind many of her up and coming projects. Talk about too much of ambition eh! The beautiful actress has received the tag of ‘Beauty with Brains’ for a reason, afterall. However hard she might be working and we certainly have no idea how far she is going to take her cause, but one thing is quite certain, the industry is waking up to her voice and we can expect the things to change sometime soon.

She told the magazine that ambition in a woman is among the most powerful things there are and it would be really wonderful if the industry would stop seeing ambition as a very ugly thing within a woman’s character. She further said that, “In our society, when we see women who want to succeed or who view themselves as leaders, it’s like ‘’How arrogant!’ Well I think it’s fantastic.”

She also told the magazine that the revelation came to her while reading some scripts. She thought that women deserve much better than this and they have proven time to time that they can carry the films entirely on their shoulders. She thinks that Hollywood needs to consider her advice seriously and they should come up with more women centric scripts to give them a proper chance to explore their talents further.

She recently started producing and she is determined to make movies to show the strong and the dynamic side of the females through her movies. She is quite optimistic about the steps she is taking and said that she will not back down until she does what she intends to do.