Is This Really Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto?

Australian software expert Craig White has stepped out of the shadows to reveal he is the creator of virtual currency Bitcoin – but he’s having problems persuading the rest of the technology world.

For years, the man behind Bitcoin was Satoshi Nakamoto, but inquiries to track him down always hit a dead end.

The Bitcoin world presumed Nakamoto was an alias, but no one could prove they were the person responsible for Bitcoin.

White has stirred the controversy by offering technical documents to prove Bitcoin was his brainchild.

He demonstrated the proof to journalists from the BBC, The Economist and GQ magazines.

Doubt about claims

The journalists say Wright showed he could manipulate cryptographic keys developed in the early days of Bitcoin that are linked to units of the currency held by Nakamoto.

Wright explained the blockchains he accessed were used in the first Bitcoin transaction in 2009.

“I thought it was time to come forward because investigations into who founded Bitcoin are involving people who were not part of the team and also harassing people I care for,” said Wright.

“I just want to be left alone so I can get on with my work.”

Since White made his announcement, Bitcoin experts and commentators have expressed doubt about his claims.

Many support his arguments, but others are calling Wright a fraud.

Proof not good enough for Bitcoin community

As a result, Wright has pledging he will provide further evidence that should put his claim beyond dispute.

“I will publish a series of posts that will lay the foundations to my claim over the next few days,” said Wright.

“The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto should not matter to the Bitcoin community. It matters to me but I believe there is no burden of proof that will satisfy everyone.”

. No one controls the value and Bitcoin are generated as rewards for solving complex mathematical problems on computers.

Recently, central banks, governments and businesses have looked at the blockchain that underpins Bitcoin as a new way to make secure transactions online.

Online stores and businesses accept Bitcoin as payment.  A Bitcoin is worth around £305.