Premier League Clubs Lose Champions League Charm

The English Premier League clubs are on a steep decline among Europe’s finest. The facts are there and it may not be long before EPL loses its prestigious fourth place in Champions League competition.

After a dismal showing in the last year’s Champions League campaign, EPL has been ranked third behind La Liga and the German Bundesliga in UEFA rankings. Also the Italian teams are on a rise and if the EPL big boys fail to make a mark against the Italian clubs this season, they are likely to go further down in the rankings.

Competition stalls EPL clubs from performing in Champions League

The growth in competition in recent times in the English Premier League makes it highly unlikely for the clubs to consider rotating players to provide sufficient rest. That lack of rotation is damaging EPL clubs dominance in Europe.

Last season, after Everton was knocked out by Dynamo Kyiv in the Europa League, was the first since 1992/93 season that not a single English club managed to reach the quarter finals of an European competition.

“When you see Sevilla play against I-don’t-know-who in Spain, maybe they can rest the week before they play in the Champions League. But for Manchester City it was a very tough game against Crystal Palace. It is not an easy competition, the Premier League, so you suffer a lot in Europe,” said the Mauricio Pochettino.

Champions League week 1 failure of English Clubs

Other than Manchester City, who faced Champions League runner-up Juventus in week 1 should have had comfortable victories. However, that was not the case.

Manchester United suffered a defeat against PSV Eindhoven, Arsenal suffered a defeat at the hands of Dinamo Zagreb. The manager made an astounding six changes from the squad that beat Stoke and considering a possible delay in returning to training ahead of clash with Chelsea, that was the right thing to do.

Chelsea were the only club that managed to pull a win in their first week of Champions League football.