Peggy Lipton Celebrates Her 69th Birthday On Aug 30

Happy Birthday Peggy Lipton

Margaret Ann “Peggy” Lipton or simply Peggy Lipton was born in New York on August 30th, 1946 to Harold Lipton (a corporate lawyer) and, Rita Benson (an artist). She was raised in an upper-middle-class Jewish family. Lipton was raised on Long Island with her brothers, Robert who became an actor and Kenneth. She attended Lawrence Junior High School and the Professional Children’s School.

Sexually abused by an uncle; Lipton was a nervous, withdrawn child. She had a stutter, that at times, prevented her from saying her own name. In 1964 the family moved to Los Angeles; there Peggy became what she described as a “Topanga Canyon hippie”, exploring meditation and yoga, and subsisting on rice cakes and cottage cheese.

Lipton at the age of 15 worked as a model for Ford Agency and, enjoyed a very successful year. In 1964 signed a contract with Universal Pictures. She made her TV debut with The John Forsythe Show and, later also appeared in shows like Bewitched, The Invaders, Mr. Novack and many more. Thin with long, straight, ash blond hair, clad in mini-skirts, bell bottoms and love beads, Lipton’s Julie Barnes became a fashion icon and the hip ‘It’ girl of her time.

Lipton despite of being in relationship with Elvis Presley married Quincy Jones in 1974 and, took a momentarily break so as to focus on the family requirements. They have two daughters namely Rashida and, Kidada Jones both of whom became actresses. However they got separated in 1986.

In 2005, she released her autobiography called Breathing Out in which she revealed she had a tryst with Paul McCartney before finding fame on Mod Squad. Other than movies, she also enjoyed some success in singing as 3 of her singles landed on Billboard charts namely: Stoney End, 1968 and, Lu.

Due to her instant success of The Mod Squad, she came into the notice of many famous men like Paul McCartney, Terence Stamp, Chris (her brother) and, many others. During this time Lipton also used drugs and, she got diagnosed with Colon cancer in 2004 and, got herself treated for the same with the help of Jack Chartier, the chief of staff to the New York state comptroller, quietly funneled pension fund money of up to $90,000 to help her with rent and hospital bills. Another $44,000 in pension fund money was invested in a business venture by one of Lipton’s daughters.

Lipton has won many accolades for her role in The Mod Squad, and got nominated for it many a times over the years in different categories, but she won the award for the same in 1971 under the category – Best TV Actress: Drama.