Oscar Glory Snatched Away Because Of A Typo

Cry a tear for actress Amy Adams whop was nominated for a best actress Oscar only to have her name scratched out.

The Oscar was not to be, the nomination was a typo mistake, explained administrators.

Someone added her name in error and that brief glimpse of fame and fortune was snatched away.

Adams has already won 33 nominations for best actress film awards this year for her part in two blockbusters – the thought provoking sci-fi adventure Arrival and the acclaimed thriller Nocturnal Animals.

And that double success may have been her downfall, argue some critics.

Oscar nominations 2017

Emma Stone in the old-school musical romp La La Land and Natalie Portman taking on the role of Jackie Kennedy did not split their talent across other movies.

Having two starring roles could have split the vote for Adams and led to her downfall in the nominations.

The Oscar ceremony takes place in Los Angeles, California, on February 26.

Between now and then, nominated movie stars and directors are on a rollercoaster of TV, radio and media interviews aimed at persuading academy award members to cast their votes in their favour.

La La Land has already garnered the most awards for a single movie at the Golden Globes, with seven prizes, including best musical or comedy, best director, best score and best song.

Leads Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling won the best acting globes.

La La Land overhyped?

But have the gushing critics hyped La La Land too much?

Many do not consider the film that good but jump on the celebratory bandwagon in fear of being sidelined for not agreeing with the crowd.

Five star reviews and superlative praise – ‘gorgeous, magnificent, incredible, a classic’ are all plaudits laid before La La Land, which is a good effort but not a Grease or Dirty Dancing that will stand the test of time.

After all, who can remember the best film of 2013?

If you don’t know, it was Argo. Daniel Day Lewis won the best actor award for his role in Lincoln, Jennifer Lawrence was best actress for Silver Linings Playbook and Les Miserables scooped most of the musical Oscars.