New Australian PM, Malcolm Turnbull Replaces Tony Abbott

On Monday, Tony Abbott, The Australian Prime Minister was washed off from the power in an internal party ballot as the decision of the conservative party to win back a disappointed public by replacing the nation’s polarizing, gaffe-prone leader with his more moderate competitor.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, lost his leadership ballot by the members of his own party, who voted to replace him with the former Liberal Party leader and communications minister Malcolm Turnbull, Liberal Party beats Scott Buchholz told reporters.

Malcolm Turnbull, a multi-millionaire ex-banker and tech entrepreneur called for a leadership ballot earlier on Monday i.e September 14, 2015  in the middle of flagging opinion polls for the two-year-old conservative alliance government.

The continuous change in leadership becomes an extremely impulsive period in the Australian politics. In just over two years, Turnbull has become the fourth prime minister of Australia.

Julie Bishop, The Foreign Minister was elected deputy leader of the party which, with junior alliance partner the National Party, won a landslide election in 2013.

The Liberals were elected as a stable alternative to the Labor government. In elections of 2007, Labor came to power under Kevin Rudd only to dump him for his deputy Julia Gillard in 2010; few months ahead of elections. The resentfully divided and disorganized government then dumped Gillard for Rudd just months before the 2013 election.

Since from 2013, the popularity of the government and Abbott, in particular, has suffered from a series of professed policy missteps, destabilizing, power struggle and leaks.

The opposition Labor Party has constantly led opinion polls while Turnbull has been constantly viewed as ideal for the post of prime minister.

Monday night’s competition rutted a man who has been described as the most socially conservative Australian prime minister in decades against a competitor, but some of the people think that he is not conservative enough.