NASA Confirms No Asteroid To Hit Earth In September

Giant Asteroid – Earth – NASA

Numerous news sites and different sources claimed that a giant Asteroid is going to hit a part of the earth in the mid or late part September, which will cause a major destruction. But all of these claims are denied and sentenced false by NASA.

NASA stated that the theory of the Giant Asteroid hitting the earth near the Puerto Rico region is completely baseless and makes no sense at all. There is not even a single evidence of the giant Asteroid, which is supposed to hit the Earth and cause major destruction. If something this big were to hit the earth by mid-late September, then it would have been spotted by the scientists by now.

NASA further explained that all known humongous and destructive Asteroids have a mere 0.01% chances of impacting the earth within next 100 years. Similar types of predictions were made back not so long when Mayan Calendar claimed that the earth was coming to its end in 2012. However, nothing happened, and the predictions turned out to be false.

Again, there is no scientific evidence of the giant Asteroid and there is no way that it is going to affect the earth by any means. Nonetheless, stay tuned to sciclonic for more updates and news.