Migrants Protest As Hungary Closes Budapest Train Station

On Tuesday, hundreds of angry migrants demonstrated outside Budapest’s shuttered Eastern Railway Terminus. They were demanding that the station be reopened and that be allowed to travel on to Germany.

With police lined up at the entrance to the station, Migrants were shouting “Germany, Germany”, waving tickets, booing, clapping and hissing.

In Budapest, Migrants were waving their train tickets outside Eastern Railway station.

When asked why the railway terminus was closed to government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs, he told in an e-mailed statement that “Hungary was trying to enforce EU law, which requires anyone who wishes to travel within Europe to hold a valid passport and a Schengen visa”.

As reported, earlier on Tuesday everyone were ordered by officials to leave the premises, as hundreds of migrants were trying to board the trains to Germany and Austria.

As several hundred police officers began directing people out, a public tannoy announcement said “No trains will be leaving or arriving at Keleti station until further notice. Would everyone please leave the premises”.

On Monday, A total of 3,650 migrants reached by train to Vienna which is considered to be this year’s biggest daily number, as said by Austrian police, after People Hungarian authorities allowed people to leave Budapest despite many were not having EU visas.

“We are still in the process of verifying how many of them actually asylum-seekers are,” Patrick Maierhofer, Austrian police spokesman, told AFP.

With a hope to continue their journey on to Germany, many of the migrants slept at Vienna’s Westbahnhof station.

While the application is being processed, asylum-seekers must remain in the first European country they enter, under current EU regulations, known as the Dublin provision.

For migrants arriving via the western Balkans route as they flee war and unrest in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, Hungary has become a frontline country.

On Monday, the Hungarian government demanded that Berlin clarify “the legal situation, in order to eliminate this ambiguity and controversy”.

Zoltan Kovacs, government spokesman said, “It is in our common interest that all member states abide by EU legislation. Order and legality must be restored at the borders of the European Union”.