Migrant Front Line Moves To Denmark

The front line of the European migrant crisis has moved to Denmark as the government ordered all rail links with Germany to shut immediately.

Danish police have also closed a motorway as an army of hundreds of migrants disembarked from a halted train and started walking towards the border.

Spokesmen for the migrants said the group was heading for Sweden.

However the rail link between Germany and Denmark has closed indefinitely with the authorities claiming they could not keep up with demand for checking passports and other identity documents.

Two trains carrying 200 migrants are in sidings at the ferry port of Rodby.

“Migrants will not leave the trains because they fear if they do they will have to stay in Denmark,” said a police spokesman.

Travel across Europe from Denmark to Greece is severely disrupted by the movements of thousands of migrants landing in Greece and Italy then heading towards Germany and Sweden.

Turkish clash

Turkish security forces and pro-Kurdish demonstrators have clashed in the towns of Adana and Mersin, near the border with Syria.

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is advising tourists and expats to and not to visit nearby provinces unless they have essential business.

Bahrain unrest

Civil unrest is set to continue in Bahrain as anti-government demonstrators take to the streets again this weekend.

Hundreds of protestors are expected to turn out in the capital Manama.

The British FCO warns these protests can turn violent and that expats and visitors should stay away from large public gatherings.

“Several demonstrators and members of the security forces have been killed and injured in clashes over recent months and the situation remains tense,” said a spokesman.

BA flight fire

Crash investigators are still sifting through the burned out engine of a British Airways 777-200 airliner which caught fire at McCarron Airport, Las Vegas, this week.

The cause of the fire is unknown and although flights were disrupted for a few hours, the airport remains open and BA’s fleet of Boeing 777s are in action as usual.

Fire crews were quickly on the scene and no one was hurt in the incident.

Passengers were diverted to another aircraft to continue their journey.

“We have no indication about the fire started at this time,” said a BA spokesman.

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