Microsoft Update May Smash Your Windows

A brand new Windows 10 mega update is on the way – but Microsoft warns the software upgrade may crash some devices.

The update is the second planned major change to the operating system this year and offers repairs for bugs and some new features.

But Microsoft admits the update will not check if devices have enough spare disk space to handle the changes and will leave those that have too little space crashed.

Unfortunately, comes with no information about how to recover a crashed device or how much disk space is needed to complete the job.

The last mega update earlier in 2018 needed 16Gb for 32-bit machines and 20Gb for 64-bit devices.

Tidying a hard disk

This should not be a problem for users with large hard disks, but those with thin clients or embedded systems may struggle to cope.

Microsoft could easily have written code for the update to check disk sizes before installing to stop the software crashing devices while leaving a ‘sorry we couldn’t update your system’ message.

Instead, the corporation suggests Windows users should tidy their hard disks.

  • The advice includes:
  • Deleting temporary files
  • Deleting downloaded files
  • Emptying the Recycle Bin
  • Uninstalling redundant or unused apps
  • Moving critical data to other storage space

Another option is activating the built-in Storage Sense app.

Using Storage Sense

Located in Settings > System > Storage, the app automatically frees up disk space. By clicking ‘Change how we free up space automatically’, it’s possible to alter some of the rules for deleting files.

Be careful to check download and temporary folders do not contain any files that may be needed by Windows 10 or other apps before deleting.

Microsoft is relying on users to read the warning and act before the update is delivered, which seems unlikely for millions of Windows users worldwide. The online help article was last updated on September 17.

Microsoft rarely announces when user operating systems are updated and how the changes will impact devices and data.

Although security and software updates are vital to the smooth running of a device, the company has a track record of leaving users in the dark and sometimes dealing with operating system crashes.