Microsoft Launches Office 2016 With An Aim Of People Working Together

If you think of one thing, which is indispensable for every business, it is no doubt Microsoft Office. It has been the saviour of almost all the topmost companies for years, even decades.

Several newcomers tried to challenge the dominance of Microsoft over the years, but of no use. Google drive is one competitor as it allows users to use the feature, which allows a large number of people to edit a common file at the same time.

Microsoft took care of this feature in its 2016 office update. The basic objective of this update is to make people work together. One of the new features in the Microsoft World is that it supports worldwide real time co-authoring. Users now can work on the same file at the same time. Microsoft also plans to increase the functions of few applications.

Some of the functions were offered in Microsoft’s web apps and with this upgrade, these features are now available in windows apps. After two months of windows 10’s launch, these functions are available on windows desktops.

The most interesting feature in the office upgrade is a ‘Tell Me’ button, where user can search for functions like line spacing, fonts, etc. They do not have to struggle to find that one function anymore. The usage of office will be more simple and user friendly with this update. People with particular needs will be benefited from this upgrade; however; the same function may confuse the people who do not use office.

These new features and add ones are capable of keeping customers stick to office and away from its competitors. According to Google, 1 million businesses are using Google drive for work and storage related collaboration actively, along with a great number of individual users.

If you have subscribed to office 365, you can download the latest update free today and if you do not have office 365 subscription, can buy the subscription to get access to the latest applications. Users can even buy a retail version without paying a non-going fee. If you are in confusion of the productivity of office 2016, you can check the PC world’s review for office 2016 and make your mind accordingly.

More news is expected after the office 2016 launch on Tuesday. As customers have to buy office 365 in order to get access to office 2016, Microsoft is planning to add more features in the office 365. It may include PowerPoint’s real-time co-authoring and the latest Gig Jam service that makes it simple for the users to work with one another across multiple applications and services.