Kyle Chandler Celebrates His 50th Birthday on Sept 17

Happy Birthday Kyle Chandler

Kyle Martin Chandler or Kyle was born in Buffalo, New York on September 17, 1965. He is the fourth child of Edward Chandler, a farm owner and cigarette sales representative, and his wife, Sally Jeanette Chandler (née Meyer), a dog breeder. In addition to an older brother who lives in Houston Chandler has two other siblings. Chandler was raised near Chicago, Illinois. When he was 11, his family moved from Lake Forest, Illinois to a small farm in Loganville, Georgia.

Chandler married Kathryn Chandler in 1995 after he met her at a dog park in the mid-1990s. They have two daughters, Sydney and Sawyer and, among the two Sawyer helps her dad in trying to end the practice of shark finning.

Chandler graduated from George Walton Academy in nearby Monroe, in 1983. As a freshman at George Walton, Chandler was a member of the 1979 state championship football team but left the team the following year, after his father died of a heart attack when Chandler was 14 years old. Chandler participated in the theatre program at Walton after quitting football. After graduating from high school, Chandler attended the University of Georgia, where he was a drama major and member of the class of 1984 Sigma Nu fraternity. In 1988, Chandler dropped out of Georgia to pursue a television deal, after he fell seven credits short of a bachelor’s degree in drama.

Chandler made his film debut in a small role in the 1992 George Strait movie, Pure Country. From 1991 to 1993 he landed his first role as a series regular as Cleveland Indians right fielder Jeff Metcalf in Homefront which ran for two seasons with Chandler appearing in all 42 episodes. From 1996 to 2000, Chandler was cast as the lead in the television series titled Early Edition, starring as a man who had the ability to change future disasters. He portrayed bar owner Gary Hobson, a stockbroker turned hero who received tomorrow’s newspaper today, delivered to his door by a mysterious cat. The show ran for four seasons and, Chandler was seen in all 90 episodes. Chandler also co-starred in the Zero Dark Thirty (2012), playing the role of Joseph Bradley, Islamabad C.I.A. Station Chief and, had a supporting role in Broken City. Chandler also appeared in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) and, The Vatican (2013).

Along with other notable nominations, Chandler also won the Best Actor award, Outstanding Lead Actor, Best Cast award for his work in Early Edition, Friday Night Lights and Argo.