‘Krusty The Clown’ Will Keep People From Peeking Into The ‘Harry Potter’ World

Tomorrow night, ‘The Simpsons’ starts its run for 27th season on Fox with an episode entitled ‘Every Man’s Dream’.

The  West Coast-based fans of this immensely successful, both critically and commercially, animated Fox animated comedy are dreaming for decades now about getting a chance to visit the fictional town of Springfield (i.e., that hyper-detailed burg that Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Marge & Homer call home). Maybe do a little shopping at the Kwik-E-Mart. Grab a Ribwich at Krusty Burger. Or better yet, drop by Lard Lad and have themselves a giant pink donut.

Well, that dream was no more a dream when Universal Studios opened officially the town of the Springfield. Re-imagined in the most realistic way possible, the spot has been quite popular among the visitors as they have been flooding in large numbers to experience the town as it is portrayed in the series, mad crazy. Located beside the award-winning ‘The Simpsons Ride’, the makers tries hard enough to recreate the enigma that Springfield is and they succeed to some extent. Right down to the tin ceiling at Moe’s Tavern & the real harlequin glass that was used to create the front window at Homer’s favourite watering hole.

Given the fact that the makers are getting quite an amazing response for these recreations, did you really think that they would leave us alone? No Sir. Now try to guess what they are planning to do next! The Harry freaking Potter. Now this is something we would like to visit, right? However, the Harry Potter world is under construction as of now, but the person related to the matter says that it’s going to be opened sometime around spring 2016. Just try to imagine the feelings, the excitement and the overall anticipation, this is going to be a killer.

The best part of building up is that the second floor of Springfield (which is where the dining rooms for Krusty Burger and Cletus’s Chicken Shack are located) effectively acts as a berm for this part of the theme park. Which means that the West Coast version of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (which is being built right behind these two quick service restaurants) won’t than visually intrude in this section of Universal Studios Hollywood & vice versa.

“And we’ve continued to work on improving Springfield’s sight lines. So as part of our continued plussing of this side of the theme park, we’ve just put up a brand-new city sign as well as several banners. This means when our guests are standing in this land’s sweet spots — which are right in front of Krusty’s and right in front of Moe’s — you can’t really see anything but Springfield,” Jon Corfino stated.

Excitement is all around there among the creators and the watchers. Next spring is going to be epic, we must say and considering how they did ‘The Simpsons Universe’, we can certainly trust them with Harry Potter.