Kim Kardashian Slammed For A Tweet About The Pope

Kardashians, well these Kardashians! They are never far from controversies, they are outrageous, they are loud-mouthed and they are ‘entertainers’, hell yeah! The leader of the pack, Kim is someone who is always in the news due to her weird and outrageous stints. The latest one goes many steps ahead, as she has managed to upset the religious sentiments of an entire nation with just one ‘simple’ tweet.

It is rare to see a news story that involves an American reality TV star and the pope in the same line. Well, we have got one now. So let us dive in to the story and see what she has done this time around.

Pope’s arrival in the US is considered to be a historic event of some sorts, whatsoever, and Kim Kardashian found out a way to mess that up as well. She tweeted something which is said to be misinterpreted by some people in the Pope’s home country, Argentina. The comment she made on twitter was considered to be anti-papal and didn’t go down with some religion-watchdogs of Argentina. Too much for taking Kim freaking Kardashian seriously eh! The hot reality TV star is known to act irresponsibly from time to time but whether she is innocent this time around, that we will have to see for ourselves.

The tweet which started all this mess was the one where she wrote- ‘The Pope is Dope’.

Well, now as we see it, we can understand that the tweet was innocent and meant no harm to anybody’s reputation.

From our point of view, we can clearly see that this tweet was harmless and it was written in good humour, which the ‘said’ people of Argentina clearly seem to be missing. C’mon folks, she ain’t that anti-religion. Chill out!

One more thing to mention here is that the tweet was not even entirely original. The #popeisdope hashtag is doing the rounds of the micro blogging website for sometime now and it’s not like she created it or something. More than 16,000 people have retweeted the tweet by Kim.

But a reporter for Argentine website Primicias Ya , evidently not understanding the slang, mistranslated the tweet as “The Pope is Drugs,” noting “it cannot be interpreted as positive.” Aww, they are being way too harsh on the pretty little thing.

“Did Kim Kardashian attack the pope?” asked the headline on Primicias Ya. The article, which is not bylined, goes on to defend Francis, listing his benevolent acts, and calling the Argentine native “our pope.” It also takes a dig at Kardashian by reminding readers that she once featured in a sex tape. Now that is offensive.

Primicias Yas readers, however, were hip to Kardashian’s use of dope, so to speak. “Here in America, Dope is when something is good, extraordinary,” wrote one. “Inform yourselves before posting nonsense.” Now that’s a fitting reply.

Hell, lets say it, Pope is Dope. Oops!