Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner Skin Show at Givenchy After Party

Kardashians are in the news on a regular basis, and most of the times, for all the bad reasons. Leading the pack is Kim, who is pregnant with rapper Kanye West’s child. She made news very recently when she made a public appearance in the Givenchy after party.

Accompanying her was Kendall Jenner, who was also spotted wearing ‘obscene’ outfit. There is a difference of more than 10 years in their age, but when it comes to making strong fashion statements, they are quite on the same level as one another. Both Kendall and her pregnant half sister certainly rocked the party which took place in ‘the greatest city on earth’, New York.

However controversial their outfits maybe, but their fashion sense is unquestionable as they carried the dress, which was showing off too much of skin, with elegance.

The ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ co-stars opted for these dresses for the glitzy event which saw many other known faces from the glamour industry. After a hectic day of showing off her beautiful skin during the cat walk, Kendall decided to keep it rocking as she wore some tight leather pants along with a turtleneck neck shirt over her sexy lingerie.

However bold she may be, but she still managed to cover a lot of her bare skin as she decided to go with a baggy black jacket. Her brunette hair looked simple and straight, not much of the experiments there. But, beyond all that, her confidence level was intense as she pulled it off with style, just as Kim, who is also known to be ‘experimental’ when it comes to the outfits for most party nights.

The outrageous thing was that Kim opted for a far more revealing outfit and despite being pregnant with a six month old child growing inside her; she still managed to look absolutely gorgeous. A hardly visible lace was there to give away a pretty good look at her pot belly and beautiful thighs. But we can’t stop ourselves from saying again and again that she was rocking the party there. And to further compliment her gorgeous look were the exquisite hot pants and very impressive, sexy yet elegant thigh-high boots.

Ah, at the end we can only say that confidence is sexy and these two women are the perfect example. They may not be making the news for the good reasons but they do know how to rock the fashion world with their impeccable choices.