Kim Cattrall Celebrates Her 59th Birthday On August 21, 2015

Kim Victoria Cattrall

Kim Victoria Cattrall was born on August 21, 1956 in Mossley Hill, Liverpool, England to Glady Shane (Baugh) who was a secretary and Dannis Cattrall who was a software engineer. When Kim turned to 3, her family shifted to Canada. At the age of 11, she returned back to her birthplace i.e. England when her grandmother fell ill, and there she took number of acting examinations with London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) before she returned back to Canada at age 16 to finish her high school.

In 1972, she left for New York City to begin her acting career. There she became a part of American Academy of Dramatic Arts, on leaving it she signed a 5 year contract with director Otto Preminger, subsequently made her debut in Rosebud (1975) and, in 1977 she played a guest appearance on Quincy M.E.

She is also an advocate for senior citizens and, her trademark is her dark blonde hair and green eyes. She often plays the role of sexually aware women and, she possess a deep sultry voice. In 2010, she also received an honorary fellowship from Liverpool John Moores University in recognition of her contributions to the field of dramatic arts.

In terms of relationships she was engaged to Daniel Benzali and also dated former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. She also has been linked with musician Gerald Casale of the new wave group Devo, French public intellectual Bernard-Henri Levy, and Alexander Siddig who was her co-star in Whose Line Is It Anyway.

She was capitalized on her role as femme fatale on Sex and the City (1998) when she was hired by Pepsi as her television campaign spokesperson, and, the next year she hosted the 12th annual A Magical Evening gala at the Marriott Marquis in New York City, in celebration of 50th birthday of Christopher Reeve. Two years after i.e., in 2010 she searched for some information on her grandfather on a television show and, found some startling and disturbing facts.

She was nominated for the Genie Award in 1982 for Ticket to Heaven in the category titled: Best Performance by an actress in the leading role and also for Golden Raspberry Award in the category titled: Worst Supporting Actress in 1991 for The Bonfire of the Vanities. Also, in the 20th century, she again bagged a no of awards for her role in the Sex and the City: Best Supporting Actress (2000), Outstanding performance by an Ensemble in Comedy Series (2002 and 2004 both) just to name a few.