Italian Job Lamborghini Can Be Yours For £1m

A bright orange Lamborghini P400 Miura sports car that played a starring role in the original 1969 Italian Job movie is up for sale to the highest bidder offering more than £1 million.

The luxury car was one of five made by the car firm and is seen battered in a crash then pushed off a cliff in the film.

The owner, car dealer Iain Tyrrell, explained the film crew had two cars for the film – and the one for sale is the original filmed in several scenes, while a dummy shell was launched off the cliff.

Tyrrell says he has carefully investigated the car’s provenance.

Details of the vehicle identification number went off to Lamborghini – now owned by Volkswagen. The firm confirmed the car was leased to the film makers at the time the movie was made.

Pristine condition

Apparently each Lamborghini Miura has a hand stitched interior. This has been photographed and compared with stills taken from the movie that show the seamstress’ ‘fingerprint’ as each car had a different interior.

The interior of the Italian Job Miura is the only one in white.

Only five of the cars were made and this particular model was discovered in Paris when the Italian owner advertised he wished to sell.

The car has been kept in an underground car park for many years and only has 11,800 miles on the clock.

The sports car can still reach 142 mph on an open road or race track.

Beckham’s Range Rover up for auction

For sports fans who are also car lovers, David Beckham’s customised Range Rover Sport is up for auction.

Among the extras are a custom body kit, games consoles for rear seat passengers, a spectacular sound system, upgraded wheels and exhaust and a ‘Designed for David Beckham’ plaque  and floor mat set.

The car was bought by Beckham and gifted to his sister Joanne after a while.

The car goes under the hammer at a classic car auction at Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, Leamington Spa, on December 6.

The V8 4.2 litre 4×4 is expected to go for just £25,000. Beckham would have paid at least £100,000.