Hungary’s PM Directed Nearly 900 New Policemen To The Southern Border

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban sent hundreds of new policemen to the southern border with Serbia on Monday to help and manage the record number of all refugees and several migrants trying to enter European Union. Police believed that Hungarian authorities have opened a few new impermanent reception centres in the western towns of Kormend and Szentgotthard.

Also, Reuter’s photographer on the southern border said that trains were taking thousands of migrants towards the border with Austria. On Sunday Police rounded up the 5,809 people on the southern border, this year number of illegal border crossings be 191,702 since thousands of people are supposed to enter border crossings illegally. So this is also one of the major cause of sending 900 new policemen to the southern border with Serbia.

Many flee Syria’s civil war; ramble up all the way through the western Balkans towards Germany.”You will meet with people who have been deceived. You will be met with temper and aggression.” Orban told new officers while inaugurated on Monday.

Hungarian police have warned migrants that who will refuse to co-operate with police will be kept back at border, and those migrants who will cross the southern border illegally, and avoid police will face arrest and also, if possible, then imprisonment. These new rules will increase the security of southern borders, so from Tuesday, Hungarian high authorities will receive & start processing on equivalent requests at the border and transport somewhere else in the country who have applied by bus to camps.

Orban told the police officers to gather by the side of the individual of the Budapest’s main squares.He, moreover, said that the range of migration also required various new policemen to start work sooner than they finish their studies to guard Hungarian independence and confined method of life.