Hot NFT Games You Should Know About

NFT games have transformed the gaming industry, introducing new ways for gamers to engage with releases and earn monetary rewards, sometimes as a minor perk and others as a substantial profit.

Blockchain technology continually evolves as developers compete to design more immersive games that stand apart in the gaming metaverse, using inspiration from famous game structures and models.

This guide explores some of the hot new NFT games relatively new to the market and those that have attracted significant attention from professional and recreational gamers alike.

What Is The NFT Metaverse?

NFT games work like conventional games with various backstories, characters and in-play attributes. Some simulations allow players to explore territories, build homes, and trade belongings as an updated version of classic SIMs games.

Because an NFT game is built on a blockchain, it is highly secure and a speculative type of this innovative digital asset. Investor speculation can assign high values to digital objects such as a gaming sword or a particular character’s skin, although gaming NFTs have little use outside the individual game.

Developers use NFT tokens to increase the scarcity of particular items – the rarer it is, the more it is worth.

Players engage with the game by creating characters, buying digital game items through a native platform or third-party marketplace, and playing to earn new items or unlock different levels.

The nature of an NFT means that the gamer has sole ownership of each asset they secure, so they can sell them or trade with another gamer, making a profit in the process.

The Top NFT Games For 2022

Some gaming platforms have quickly become the most popular in the NFT gaming world, which merge NFTs with gaming themes that users enjoy.

The best NFT games blend excitement and familiar gaming structures with NFTs to combine profitability and recreation.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity was the game that brought NFT gaming into the mainstream and was inspired by the Pokémon brand. Axie players challenge each other using their characters, as they would in the original video game, or using collectable Pokémon cards.

The blockchain difference is that players can breed or collect Axies, a new type of digital creature, and train them to improve their specific skills or fighting abilities.

As the player generates Axies, they produce unique creatures based on the genetics of the parent creatures.

Digital Axies are traded on Ethereum and are valued depending on their characteristics and rarity. Players must start with three Axies and train them for battle before starting the game.

There is an ERC 20 token called Axie Infinity Shard (AXS), which is the governance token for the platform and supports staking.

Gods Unchained

This game is based on card trading. It is free to play and looks like a traditional game. Players can buy cards from other participants or win a match against someone else. The winner is determined by ending the other player’s life first.

Gamers get experience points each time they win, and when their experience meter is full, they move to the next level and get a new card pack.

Players are matched based on their rating, so the focus is on skill and strategy.

Gods Unchained offers participants two ways to earn money. They can sell cards, including rare or hard-to-obtain cards, achieved through advancing to a new level. The Gods Token Airdrop also pays rewards for players who win seven of twenty game matches per week.

Sandbox 3D

Sandbox 3D uses SAND as an ERC-20 token, which players use to buy items from the marketplace within the game.

The game is a metaverse that uses voxels to create simulations of three-dimensional spaces. It is one of the leading NFT games for players who want to build or alter voxel objects and monetise the assets they collect.

Sandbox is similar to Roblox or Minecraft – both successful games, with tools to design or animate objects that players can sell to other participants. Players can also make their games.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a game of strategy where players buy and collate NFTs to collaborate with other users. The concept is that the planet is in economic turmoil, and players must discover new worlds.

Gamers compete to win Trillium (TLM), used to manage the Planet DAOs, allowing them to access different games and stages.

Players use their NFTs to accumulate TLM, compete in battles, and carry out tasks within the game to meet specific objectives.

Alien Worlds players can win TLM by mining plots of land, owning land and earning a passive income, or participating in the Binance Smart Chain staking system.

Neon District

This role-playing game provides in-game items that players can buy or sell, with the price depending on demand and availability. All assets are blockchain-based, intending to collect equipment and fight for rewards against other players.

The currency in the game is Neon, which players spend to level up to new characters or buy combat items.

Neon District is free to play, although there are opportunities to earn rewards, and players can sell their items on OpenSea.


Sorare is a fantasy football NFT game where players earn rewards when they triumph over another team manager. Like regular fantasy football, users build a virtual football team using playing card NFTs.

Licensed cards show real players from the current season who are rated rare, extremely rare or unique.

Players can collect cards to make a set, have full ownership of each NFT, and can sell them for large amounts.

The SO5 game allows players to create a team of five, and they gain points depending on how the actual footballers do in the season.


Splinterlands is another card game where players earn rewards when they win matches against other users. New participants need to buy starter card packs and require a Steem account to add their cards to the game.

Some players receive rare cards in their first random set or might encounter duplicates. They can combine duplicate cards to improve their strength rating or sell cards for a crypto payment.

Gamers fight players, go on missions and earn more cards the more they play.

Users can stake Splintershards (SPS) on themselves or other players in battles ranked by the game. If a player bets on someone else, and they win, the participant earns SPS as well as the original staker.

There are Guild Brawls and tournaments where multiple players can compete against each other.

Hot NFT Games FAQ

How can I earn money playing NFT games?

Each game is different and will have various opportunities to earn rewards or collect items that carry value. Play-to-earn models mean that players make more if they play regularly or achieve a certain status.

Gamers monetize the time they spend playing by buying or selling NFTs they have bought, built or grown in the game or by completing tasks. They can also stake within the game and earn native tokens or points.

Are NFT games above board?

NFT games are legitimate and a fun hobby for millions of gamers who enjoy the chance to earn a small amount of income.

Some NFT games are designed by beginner developers that may not have sufficient safety controls or functionality. Scammers can target NFT games by using promotional advertising to convince unsuspected gamers, particularly teenagers, to set up an account.

What can I earn playing NFT games?

The average hourly earning from NFT gaming is about £3.50 an hour, so although some players are highly skilled and make much more, most users do not generate a significant income.

Games such as Battle the Oracle offer higher rewards but have a free-to-play mode where participants can play without buying NFTs to wager.

What is the point of NFT games?

NFT games combine gaming scenarios based on popular culture and add blockchain features that convey rarity and value. Most games are easy to play and don’t require specific skills or cryptocurrency expertise.

Designers aim to make NFT games as fun and entertaining as possible, with free-to-play options that don’t require an initial investment to participate.

Players can make profits, and entrepreneurs can invest in NFTs associated with popular games to earn a return, but much is based on speculation as gaming NFTs don’t have a use case outside of the game itself.

Is Axie Infinity a free NFT game?

No, Axie Infinity is not free but is a play-to-earn game. Players need to buy at least three Axies to get started. Axie characters vary in value, with the cheapest costing around 0.004 ETH, equivalent to about £5.

The typical gamer will spend around £15 initially but also needs to pay gas fees. There is an Axie Infinity Scholarship, where experienced players can loan Axies to new players and earn rewards.

Gamers who want to borrow characters need to collaborate with a trainer on Twitter or Discord and apply to be a scholar or new player.

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