Home and Headquarters Nightclub Blackpool

Nightlife tycoons Sandra and Mike Nordwind are sinking a more than a million pounds in to a project aimed at giving the seaside resort Blackpool the title of the king of clubs.

Work is already under way to turn the disused rumours and Nyx site into a top destination for music and bars over three floors.

Opening in the summer, the Nordwind family are investing £1.3 million in the project.

Close to 1,750 clubbers will experience distinct venues – Home, Headquarters and The Urban Lounge.

Each will have a separate music theme.

Making Blackpool a nightlife hub

The Nordwinds and partner DJ Fubar want the clubs to reflect the music and entertainment culture of Blackpool and to be the anchor of a new nightlife hub in the town that attracts clubbers from across the North-West.

“This development will rejuvenate nightlife in Blackpool and for miles around,” said Mark Nordwind.

“Now is the right time. We’ve concentrated on our property elsewhere for a decade, but Blackpool is ready and waiting for this kind of venue.

“People are so excited and Blackpool people know their music and how to have a good time, so we want to give it to them.”

The family once ran The Syndicate, a massive nightclub in a Blackpool town centre cinema, but sold up in 2006.

Exclusive clubbing experience

“The days of huge clubs are over,” said Nordwind. “This new project is nothing like The Syndicate. Each bar and dance floor is much smaller and the clientele will enjoy a more exclusive experience.

“We want to bring a club to Blackpool like the select ones in Spinningfields, Manchester.”

The Urban Lounge will sit in the basement of the new club, styled like a city club with R&B and dancehall music.

Home will take up the ground floor and offer top class, sophisticated service to customers at exclusive tables and booths.

“This is a club like no other in Blackpool,” said DJ Fubar. “Think high end, big name DJs, great music and top service in luxurious surroundings.”