Hannibal Director David Slade Joins American Gods

The much-acclaimed director of the acclaimed TV series ‘Hannibal’, David Slater has been hired to helm the upcoming new series from Starz, which is highly anticipated and awaited by the viewers across the globe. The series titled “American Gods” will not only see him as a director, but he will also be taking up the duties of executive producer for the show. It has confirmed lately that he will be directing the pilot for the series along with directing ‘several other episodes’. He has been very well respected in the show business alleys owing to the critical and commercial success of his thriller series, ‘Hannibal’ which is about a psychiatrist turned into a very sophisticated cannibal.

The novel American Gods was a huge success among the readers and further went to win many accolades and awards such as Hugo, Nebula and Brain Stoker award for the Best Novel. It’s a very common culture in the west to adapt the popular and sometimes ‘not so popular’ novels into movies, but the trend is catching up of translating them into the language of television. David Slade can be deemed as an expert on that now as most of the characters in ‘Hannibal’ are also based on the 90’s thriller film ‘Silence of the Lambs’ which was further adapted from a novel of the same name. With the news of a successful novel being adapted in a TV Show and that too by an acclaimed director, the viewers are in a trance as most of them are still going through the hangover by the level of awesomeness which came with ‘Hannibal’.

The concept is somehow very exciting; American Gods tells the story of Shadow who gets released from the prison to take up with the mysterious Mr. Wednesday in order to go on a travel across the country in order to recruit the Old Gods in a war against the New Gods. There were some problems with the biggies at HBO who wanted the show to be as close to book as possible. However, American Gods received a straight to series order earlier this year from Starz as they have provided a slot to the show for 2017. Whether the star cast has been finalised yet, that’s something that hasn’t been disclosed but we can assume that most of the members of the cast are up and ready to play their respective parts, including the lead role of Shadow Moon. The team which has been selected to bring the exciting world of American Gods has been assembled very carefully as if they were going to a war. The novel is quite complicated and the show runners knew that and thus, they have decided to come up with an experienced and efficient team. With the things on quite a roll regarding the project, we can safely assume that the novel is in good hands and they will do proper justice to it unlike many others.

The traditional gods, which comprised of deities both of “biblical and mythological roots from around the world” continues to lose their believers over the gods who reflect society’s “modern love of money, technology, media, celebrity and drugs”.