Hamilton Outruns F1 Rivals But Can’t Beat Age

Other Formula 1 drivers can’t seem to keep up with Lewis Hamilton, but age seems to be catching him.

The 34-year-old world champion has notched victories in eight of the 12 grand prix run this year so far and heads for the summer break to refresh and recuperate for a final push in the remaining nine races to hold on to the title.

Hamilton, who drives for Mercedes has his sights firmly set on another championship –  to add to the five he already cherishes.

He says he is not fully fit after being struck down by a bout of illness.

Wiped out

“I am not the fittest I’ve been. I have been coming out of the sickness. It was not ‘man flu’, like some have said, it was something that really wiped me out,” said Hamilton.

“This break, I am really focused on recovery, real recovery, a bit of a change in my normal break, and really just trying to make sure I come back as strong as possible.”

Hamilton will get back behind the when for the Belgian Grand Prix on September 1.

He usually spends the summer relaxing and enjoying himself, riding on jet-skis and doing other adrenaline sports, and sometimes partying.

But this year would be different, he promised.

Night owl

“I will spend a lot of time with family,” Hamilton said. “I am a night owl, and I tend not to sleep that much, and I want to shift that and see the sun rise, wherever I am.

“And I might try meditation, a few different things, a healthier lifestyle. My close friends will be doing the same, so I will be doing a lot more reading. I’m excited about it.”

In the driver’s championship, Hamilton is 62 points clear of Mercedes team mate Valtteri Bottas and 69 points ahead of Max Verstappen of Red Bull, the only driver other than the Mercedes pair to win a grand prix this season.

“I truly think the second half of the season could be much harder for us,” Hamilton said. “We have a package and we just have to continue to turn up and deliver. I am looking forward to the journey.”