Google Gives Gmail A Cool New Look And New Features

Gmail has a new look and had a few new tools added in top-to-bottom makeover of the free email client.

Google says the facelift will help users get more done by simplifying the way the program works.

The new version, which was long overdue a redesign, lets users click on attachments without opening or scrolling through long conversations, puts non-urgent emails in snooze mode and makes accessing Google apps from Gmail a lot easier.

What could turn out to be an annoying feature is nudge, a recurring reminder to reply to messages.

Smart Reply takes the effort out of canned responses by applying artificial intelligence to writing short messages for you.

Canned responses

The tool suggests three responses to emails and already drives 12% of email replies on mobiles through Gmail.

Gmail already has a reputation for applying the best spam filter, and the new version ups the ante by picking out potentially harmful emails and flagging them as dangerous.

Confidential mode is a fresh tool for Gmail that lets users set parameters for how their message recipients can handle content.

The tool can stop recipients forwarding, copying, printing or downloading messages – and sets an expiration date. When reached, the message self-destructs.

Access to the new Gmail is by roll-out which has already started.

Over the coming weeks, your Gmail settings – the cog in the top right-hand corner of the screen – will update and show a ‘Try the new Gmail’ option.

Click and go

Just click and you are ready to go. If you don’t like the new features and design, click ‘Go back to classic Gmail’.

Google has also published a handy Gmail product guide to help users discover the new features and how best to use them.

Although Gmail remains free, the paid-for version G-Suite has a new look and a host of new security features, such as phishing protection.

“Email is a necessity for most of us. We use it to stay in touch with colleagues and friends, keep up with the latest news, manage to-dos at home or at work—we just can’t live without it,” says the Google web site.

“The new features are designed to make people more productive by helping them accomplish more from their inbox.”