‘Google Fortunetelling’- Predicting The Future of War Struck Migrants

The internet is all buzzed with this latest application by the name of Google ‘Fortunetelling- Predict Your Future’. This App claims that you can ask any sort of future relating queries.

The shocking thing here is that this betagoogle.com is a bogusGoogle site. The portal looks identical to the homepage of Google and the logo it has selected is of a new company aimed to look more genuine and to lure more customers into their website.

Surprisingly, when you start to type something in search box, pre-set questions like ‘Will humans ever stop fighting’, ‘Is there a place where they will accept me’, ‘Will I be ever united with my family’ pops up.

There is an option – ‘Predict My Future’, which an individual will have to click after selecting the question and after clicking, the user will be redirected to a page where he or she is supposed to get an answer. The answer that turns out is not what one have expected.

Now you will get to know that Google Fortunetelling is not a future predicting website, but a project intended to create awareness about those 60 million refugees; who are not sure if people are ever going to accept them without any discrimination or about what their future holds.

Thousands of migrants are expected to move from war struck countries like Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria to Europe. These people have no clue about their future.

The responsibility of this site is taken by Brainmedia, a creative communications agency based in Netherlands. They confirmed their association with the website and stated that the website is linked to the donation page of United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR. “The campaign is very successful worldwide right now; it’s amazing. We are very happy that people care about this problem and are sharing it and creating awareness around the world.” Says Jort Boot, owner of BrainMedia.

This website is a great initiative in encouraging internet users to help the refugees financially. The website also asks you to share it on twitter and Facebook to make more people aware about this good cause.